Knight Stirling Solutions
for Your Industry


We understand smallholder farmers. Our experts build agricultural finance strategies for financial institutions and assist our partners to develop the capacity to implement them.

Banking & Financial Services

We work with banks, financial service providers, government bodies, insurance providers, fintechs, private foundations, investors, multilateral organizations, regulators and corporate businesses. Our work enables clients to deliver high quality, market-led financial services to low-and middle-income populations in the developing and emerging economies of Asia and Africa.


We work with regulatory bodies to help them assess the state of Financial Inclusion, select appropriate Digital Finance operating models, assess product readiness and develop policies that will facilitate favorable operating climates for financial services.


We help our partners design and deliver new payment strategies that will allow them to unlock new markets. Our consultants provide an end-to-end solution that enables our partners to actualize their goals.

Digital & FinTech

We provide technical support and mentorship to new-age FinTechs. We are renowned for our implementation support and innovations on products and channels in developing countries and remote locations.